Amit Sachdev wanted to help make transport in Guam better. Taxi prices are high, and there’s no real island-wide public transport. So, he created Stroll!

Stroll offers Guam’s residents and visitors cheaper and easier travel options. Stroll also provides new jobs, boosts the local economy, and gives the people of Guam the opportunity to work independently and on their own time.

Amit Sachdev


Born and raised in Guam, Amit combines extensive local knowledge with comprehensive start-up experience. Amit’s work with Teambackpack in California provided him with insights into the world of start-ups, where his profession embraced his passions as Music Producer, Audio Engineer, and Merchandise Operations Manager.

 He returned to Guam determined to give back to the island he calls home. With Stroll, Amit is building a reliable, ethical company that provides jobs, opportunities, and, most importantly, a much easier way to travel around Guam.


Convenient, Inexpensive Journeys

Taxis exist, but the fares can add up the further you travel. We want to provide Strollers (that’s you!) with a better way to get around Guam. Stay on schedule, pay a fair price, and enjoy a more comfortable and convenient ride. 

We operate with complete transparency – We let you know how we calculate your fare, where your money goes, and how we’re trying to give back to the people of Guam. There are no hidden costs – just easier and cheaper journeys for all.

Giving Back to Guam

Guam’s economy relies heavily on tourism with little to no exports. We want to boost tourism by offering a new and friendly way to travel Guam, no need for expensive taxi rides or for being disappointed by poor local transport.

Stroll is also about giving back to our community. We want to provide another income source for the island by offering a new work opportunity. Stroll drivers are their own bosses. They can work when they want for as long as they want.

Also, we’re partnering with the University of Guam and Guam Community College to provide students the chance to drive for us. Students can then choose to have some (or all) of their earnings go automatically towards their tuition fees.