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Stroll Driver Benefits

Driving for Stroll has it's perks

Each and every driver on our network matters and we are committed to supporting all those who drive for Stroll. As a Driver, We want to help you reduce cost and give you access to exclusive benefits and discounts to aid in making your driver experience; easy, comfortable and stress free. 

Here are some of the benefits of being a Stroll Driver:

Earning a weekly income

Times are tough and we know that waiting an extra week to receive your pay isn’t always easy. This is why we wanted our drivers to receive their hard earned pay on a weekly basis instead of the usual bi-weekly payments. 

Creating your own Schedule

You create your own working schedule. You can clock in and clock out whenever you like. Busy on certain days of the week? Not a problem. You can let us know when you’re available to work and which time and days work the best for you.

Daily, Weekly, Or Monthly Incentives

At Stroll, we offer our drivers Daily, Weekly, and Monthly incentives. When you hit an incentive – you can earn an extra percentage on top of your weekly driver pay for all rides taken within a certain time frame. Yes! That’s extra money on top of your pay and in your pockets. 

Exclusive Discounts and Benefits from local businesses

As a Driver, you can receive exclusive discounts and benefits for driving. You can save on Gas with your Shell Discount Card as well as get discounts on car detailing services and vehicle parts and supplies. 


Since I’ve started driving with Stroll, I’ve been able to pay for school and obtain my certification in phlebotomy.

Thanks to Stroll, anyone can drive and achieve their goals

Stroll Driver / Certified Phlebotomist

I enjoy driving for Stroll because they provide affordable transportation to Guam’s residents and visitors.

Thanks to Stroll, I’ve been meeting different people from various countries while working on my own time.”

Stroll Driver / Retiree
If you're 18 or older, with a car no older than 8 years, you’re already on your way to drive for Stroll!
If you're interested in becoming a Stroll driver, we're ready to listen!
To apply, please fill out and submit both the application form below and driver questionnaire and we'll send you all the requirements needed to begin your hiring process.